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I had the pleasure of capturing Tyra senior portraits this past weekend at Blake High School and Ybor City. Tyra is one of the sweetest girls I have had the pleasure of working with. Tyra has a history of loving the arts. She started out dancing way back in pre-k. She is one of the best young free style hip hop artist in the metro Atlanta area before relocating to Blake H.S. Along with the love of dance, she has also taken voice lessons which help grow her beautiful voice. Over her last few years of H.S. she started taking acting lessons. Her mom admires her daughters tenacity to step out on faith as she auditioned as a incoming senior to attend Blake H.S. this past year. She wasn’t fearful as she told her mom, “mom I love the arts and I want to build my skills better by having one on one training even if it is just for my last year of high school. It will help me as I further my career in the arts.”

What does she love most about high school?

She loved high school because everything that she has learned like voice diction, improv, and great mentorship from the arts department.

What she will miss?

She will miss the friends that she has made. This is just an end of a chapter in her life.

She graduates on June 7th and plans to major in fine arts, theater, and/or music in college. Congratulation Tyra everyone is proud of you!

Tyra Senior Pictures

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