Beautiful Fall Wedding at National Harbor

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Bride & Groom: Nancy & David
Date: September 29, 2017
Location: National Harbor, Oxon, Maryland (Washington D.C.)

I had the extreme pleasure of capturing Nancy’s & David’s beautiful fall wedding at the National Harbor in Washington D.C. I’ve traveled to many locations and captured countless amounts of beautiful weddings, but I had never done a wedding in the Washington D.C. area before. I must say that it was truly a great experience to have the ability to take wedding photos with Capital as the backdrop. There really are some truly beautiful places to visit and shoot there. I appreciated working with my great friend and one of the best photographers in the industry, Brandon Hunter. We have worked together on a few projects, but we have started working together a lot more as of let. Look out for the two of us in 2018. We have a few plans that we are going to put into motion. Check his page out below. You will be truly blown away.

Brandon S. Hunter