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Antelope Canyon | Tampa Photographer

Everyone knows that we like to travel to different exotic locations for pictures. Well on this day we headed to Arizona’s Antelope Canyon to capture some beautiful images. This is a very unique location that many photographers haven’t had the pleasure of shooting yet. This one beautiful place that is kept up beautifully by the locals. After finishing in the caves we moved to Horsebend at the Grand Canyon. Page, Arizona is one beautiful and unique place because of all the natural beauty that it has.


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Selika & Johnie | Ybor City

I had to pleasure of capturing some special moments between Selika & Johnie in Ybor City. The connectionbetween them was magical. I love capturing moments like these from loving couples. Here is a few peeks._l1a0140 _l1a0196_l1a0124_l1a0069



Jenna + Tony | Bok Tower Engagement

Bride & Groom: Jenny & Tony
Engagement pictures location: Bok Tower Garden
Date: September 26, 2016

I had the lovely honor of capturing Jenna and Tony’s engagement session the other day at Bok Tower Garden located in Lake Wales, FL. Bok Tower Garden is a beautiful open location with every type of outdoor setting imaginable. It fit right in with the theme Jenna and Tony were looking for. This is only a small seek peek into the love that they have for each other. I know they are excited for their big day and it shows from their session. Congrats you two!!!


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Wedding Albums | Tampa Photographer

Today we have some very exciting news!!! Our new wedding albums have finally arrived.

Products-7 Products-33 Products_3 Products_6


New York

The New York Collection is our signature line. Made with only the finest quality Italian leathers. Genuine leather covers, intricate 8-pleat rounded corners, crushed velvet liners, silk headbands and high-quality prints mounted on extra-thick core pages– it’s the details that make our albums exceptional. Meticulously handcrafted to last for generations, these albums are made with the finest quality Italian leathers and binding materials. This collection is sure to impress friends and family, leaving them with lust for these extremely unique and stylish albums. Our leathers are top of the line, bar none. You will find this album in our Gold Wedding Package.Products-5 Products_2 Products_1


The Brooklyn Collection is our premiere line. Meticulously handcrafted to last for generations, these albums are made with the finest quality Italian leathers and binding materials. Genuine leather covers, intricate 8-pleat rounded corners, crushed velvet liners, silk headbands and high-quality prints mounted on extra-thick core pages– it’s the details that make our albums exceptional. You will find this album in our Silver Wedding Package.Products_7

The beauty with these two albums above is that you are not stuck with only the colors that you see. You have the option of picking a large variety of colors and styles to fit anyone’s taste. On the left, you have albums samples for the New York book and on the right, you have samples for the Brooklyn. Both albums also have the option of debossing (depending on the leather selection) almost anywhere on the front cover of your album. Our albums are one of many reasons why we stand out from other photography studios.



Our Sunshine Albums feature panoramic spreads printed on professional photographic papers mounted back-to-back for a slim profile. For those looking for a simple album pretty album to hold your special moments, this is the album for you. You will find this album in our Bronze Wedding Package.


Chantel + Windeley | Engagement session Baldwin Park

Couple | Chantel + Windeley
Date | 6.25.16
Engagement Session | Baldwin Park, Orlando
Wedding Date | 10.2.16

Facebook _S1A5552 _S1A5585 _S1A5663 _S1A5669 _S1A5515 _S1A5502 _S1A5768 _S1A5864 Baldwin Engagement Session


Tampa Wedding Photographer Amy+John

Couple | Amy + John
Date | 6.26.16
Ceremony & Reception | Union Station, St. Louis
Tampa Wedding Photography | Donnie Jones


Photographic Style-Gear

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life!!! You want to make sure that the photography company you choose for your big day has all the appropriate gear necessary to capture every moment regardless of the lighting challenges that they face. I have shoot in every possible lighting situation. To be honest with you I don’t find that one is photographic style is greater then the other. That’s why I like to encompass all of them into my work. It really all just depends on the day and the available light. It also depends if I want to do something edgy and dramatic. My photographic style-gear allows me to be ready in any lighing situations or conditions. Listed below are the items that I use or have available to me during a wedding event.

*Please note that I shoot with Canon gear, but this does not mean that Nikon or Sony don’t have gear on the same level as Canon. Truthfully I actually believe Nikon makes better camera bodies overall, but what put Canon over the top is it’s better quality lenses and available accssories.

**Please also note that this gear applies to all my other areas of photography besides for my headshots. For headshots I use a totally different lighting system.


Canon 5DsR- One of Canon’s newest professional cameras, we use this camera to create works of Art. With over 50 megapixels it is meant for your large wall art canvas pictures.

Canon 5DIII- This is Canon’s workhorse camera. Most standard photographers use this camera to capture your speical day.

Canon 6D- The 5d’s little brother, this is a great camera that can hold it’s on in just about any situation.


Canon 11-24mm f/4L- The widest available lens in canons long arsenal, this lens is used to capture dramatic scenes and the whole wedding venue in one shot.

Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L II- Standard walk around lens that is used for candid pictures throught the day.

Canon 50mm f/1.2L – Used for unique images during the engagement session and bridal prep.

Canon 70-200 f/2.8L II- Our workhorse lens, we use it to stay out of the way of you and your guest on the big day. With this lens we are able to capture everything from for away and be as inconspicuous as possible.

Canon 85mm f/1.2L II- The best portrait lens available regards of brand, we mostly use this lens during the engagement and bridal session and during wedding prep.

Canon 100 f/2.8L- We mainly use this lens for detail shots and ring shots. It can also be used in a creative nature.


Profoto B1– One of the best & strongest portable lighting system available to photographers. The light is strong enough that no lighting situation should be a challenge. It can’t turn not into day but it is strong enough to turn day into night.

Profoto B2- The little brother to the B1, it offers half the power of the B1, but it is still a very powerful option to have in the bag. Sometimes you just need a little kiss of light to make the picture pop. This is what this is used for.

Canon 600ex-rt- These are our standard flashes that we use throwout the wedding day. We have a couple of these that we can sometimes place around the event hall to add a little light in hard to reach areas.


We have many other lighting options that we use to create beautiful unique images. From light stands to reflectors, we have it all at our deposile



Kim and Rob The Grove’s Spring Hill Cottage

Sometimes we shoot anniversary portraits the same way we would do our engagement session. This one here was done in Mobile, AL at Spring Hill College under the Grove Trees. It was a blast working with them all morning.

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Shutterfest 2016 at Union Station in St. Louis

Just like any profession, you have to constantly be willing to go out and learn new techniques. So I always go to atleast two workshops a year at minimum when things slow down and I have the time to go and devote 100% of my time and concentration to it. With that said it brought me to this wondering event called Shutterfest. Shutterfest is a place where around 2,000 follow photographers and hundreds of models around the world come to St. Louis (Union Station) to work together and learn.

While you are there, you also have the chance to create your own images and challenge yourself in areas that you probably don’t have the time to try when you are out on your regular shoots. Below you will see some examples of photos that I myself setup or teams I was evolved with setup. It sounds simple right? Well when you have a group of 3-5 photographers with their own ideals, it can cause a little headache from time to time. But it can be magical when it all comes together!

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