H.S. Seniors

Photographic Style-Gear

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life!!! You want to make sure that the photography company you choose for your big day has all the appropriate gear necessary to capture every moment regardless of the lighting challenges that they face. I have shoot in every possible lighting situation. To be honest with you I don’t find that one is photographic style is greater then the other. That’s why I like to encompass all of them into my work. It really all just depends on the day and the available light. It also depends if I want to do something edgy and dramatic. My photographic style-gear allows me to be ready in any lighing situations or conditions. Listed below are the items that I use or have available to me during a wedding event.

*Please note that I shoot with Canon gear, but this does not mean that Nikon or Sony don’t have gear on the same level as Canon. Truthfully I actually believe Nikon makes better camera bodies overall, but what put Canon over the top is it’s better quality lenses and available accssories.

**Please also note that this gear applies to all my other areas of photography besides for my headshots. For headshots I use a totally different lighting system.


Canon 5DsR- One of Canon’s newest professional cameras, we use this camera to create works of Art. With over 50 megapixels it is meant for your large wall art canvas pictures.

Canon 5DIII- This is Canon’s workhorse camera. Most standard photographers use this camera to capture your speical day.

Canon 6D- The 5d’s little brother, this is a great camera that can hold it’s on in just about any situation.


Canon 11-24mm f/4L- The widest available lens in canons long arsenal, this lens is used to capture dramatic scenes and the whole wedding venue in one shot.

Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L II- Standard walk around lens that is used for candid pictures throught the day.

Canon 50mm f/1.2L – Used for unique images during the engagement session and bridal prep.

Canon 70-200 f/2.8L II- Our workhorse lens, we use it to stay out of the way of you and your guest on the big day. With this lens we are able to capture everything from for away and be as inconspicuous as possible.

Canon 85mm f/1.2L II- The best portrait lens available regards of brand, we mostly use this lens during the engagement and bridal session and during wedding prep.

Canon 100 f/2.8L- We mainly use this lens for detail shots and ring shots. It can also be used in a creative nature.


Profoto B1– One of the best & strongest portable lighting system available to photographers. The light is strong enough that no lighting situation should be a challenge. It can’t turn not into day but it is strong enough to turn day into night.

Profoto B2- The little brother to the B1, it offers half the power of the B1, but it is still a very powerful option to have in the bag. Sometimes you just need a little kiss of light to make the picture pop. This is what this is used for.

Canon 600ex-rt- These are our standard flashes that we use throwout the wedding day. We have a couple of these that we can sometimes place around the event hall to add a little light in hard to reach areas.


We have many other lighting options that we use to create beautiful unique images. From light stands to reflectors, we have it all at our deposile



Tyra Senior pictures Blake High School

I had the pleasure of capturing Tyra senior portraits this past weekend at Blake High School and Ybor City. Tyra is one of the sweetest girls I have had the pleasure of working with. Tyra has a history of loving the arts. She started out dancing way back in pre-k. She is one of the best young free style hip hop artist in the metro Atlanta area before relocating to Blake H.S. Along with the love of dance, she has also taken voice lessons which help grow her beautiful voice. Over her last few years of H.S. she started taking acting lessons. Her mom admires her daughters tenacity to step out on faith as she auditioned as a incoming senior to attend Blake H.S. this past year. She wasn’t fearful as she told her mom, “mom I love the arts and I want to build my skills better by having one on one training even if it is just for my last year of high school. It will help me as I further my career in the arts.”

What does she love most about high school?

She loved high school because everything that she has learned like voice diction, improv, and great mentorship from the arts department.

What she will miss?

She will miss the friends that she has made. This is just an end of a chapter in her life.

She graduates on June 7th and plans to major in fine arts, theater, and/or music in college. Congratulation Tyra everyone is proud of you!

Tyra Senior Pictures

Tyra4Tyra5 Tyra6 Trya3 Tyra Tyra1

Payton Wiregrass Ranch H.S. Wesley Chapel, FL

It’s that time of the year again. Time for seniors to finally start getting their diploma’s so that they can start the begining of adulthood. But before that speical day comes, they have to take senior pictures so that they can always remember those days leading up to their last year of High School. I had the honor of capturing Payton’s Senior Portraits this past weekend in Ybor City. She’s graduating from Wiregrass Ranch High School in Wesley Chapel, FL next month. She is the daughter of Steve and Heather Santana. She gradutes on June 4, 2016!



Payton Wiregrass High Payton6Payton Payton4 Payton7 Payton9

Joseph Senior Session downtown Mobile, AL

Joseph is a super senior that is graduating in May 2016. He will continuing his education at Alabama A&M in the fall. Congratulations to Joseph and his mom Kindra for raising and outstanding young man!

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2S1A1127 2S1A1102 2S1A1079 2S1A1069

Mercedes High School Senior Session

Mercedes is a senior in high school and graduates in a few weeks. She wanted to do a custom outdoor shoot for her senior portraits. We worked with a local MUA (make-up artist) to give her the edgy look that she wanted. She did a great job and definitely knocked this shoot out the park!


High School Senior Tampa, FL